Your support will help to change lives.

Every donation matters!

Making a donation, raising funds or volunteering makes an enormous difference to PSDS and the families accessing our essential services.

We are fully self-funded, with an annual fundraising target of £125,000. Help us reach our goal!

Fundraising events

We organise our own events – including quizzes, wine-tastings, coffee mornings, auctions and raffles. You can get involved by taking part, donating prizes or sponsoring one of our events. Or why not organise an event of your own? We’d love to be your charity partner, especially if your workplace or club is looking for a good cause to support.

What’s on and when…

Check out our calendar to find out what we’ve got planned.

How your donation helps

Every donation changes lives by helping our children and young people reach their full, individual potential! 

Down Syndrome Awareness Week

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated globally on the 21st March each year, reflecting the third copy of the 21st chromosome. We invite our members and supporters to wear mismatched socks on or around this date to celebrate that every single one of us is a unique individual. During the week around 21st March charities like ours organise events and campaigns to raise awareness as well as raising essential funds. Our DS Week pack is full of fun activities and fundraising ideas – you can download a copy here. Please let us know how you will be rocking your socks or supporting Down Syndrome Awareness Week!

It’s easy to donate via JustGiving

If you are planning a fundraising event why not set up a campaign on JustGiving – it’s a really effective way to collect donations and promote your support of PSDS. Or you can make a one-off donation or set up a monthly payment via JustGiving too. Please get in touch if you need any help with creating an event page on JustGiving. Thank you for your support!

Planning an event of your own?

Let us know what you’ve got planned and how we can help. We have collecting tins and buckets, bunting, t-shirts, posters and leaflets. Just use the button below to tell us your plans and please share news and photos of your event with us too. Don’t forget to tag PSDS on social media so we can share your posts to create more publicity and awareness.